Five Best Data Recovery Android Apps

There are sometimes that happens when you unintentionally delete photos, videos, or other important data in Android App. However, good you are in backing up your devices this happens to the best of us. In this case, when you act promptly, there is a better chance that you can recover those deleted files and folders. In this article, we will find the best Data Recovery Android App.

Disk Digger

As a user of a smartphone, almost all of us we delete most whether intentionally or unintentionally are our photos. This App DiskDigger can recover photos and images both from the internal and external storage cards. If you don’t have a backup solution like Google Photos and deleted some photos and images both from the internal and external storage cards. You still can recover images even when the memory card is reformatted.

EaseUS MobiSver

This app EaseUS Mobi Saver desktop software for partition, backup, or recover stuff. EaseUS and EaseUS MobiSaver has the same creator that is good for Android data recovery. That recover deleted images, videos, call logs, contacts, SMS, and WhatsApp messages.

Dr. Fone

This is the most popular software when it comes to Android Data Recovery. As you use this software, you can not only recover deleted files when your device is working properly. But can also recover files even when your device is not responding, corrupted during ROM flashing, SD card has an issue. As well as, system crash, has a black screen.
The good thing Dr. fone is that though the software can do complicated recovery operations. The user interface is pretty neat and you can do many recovery operations with a few clicks.


This is another popular software to recover data from Android devices. The same Dr. fone you can recover a wide range of files using Gihosoft. This software contains images, videos, audio files, call logs, contacts, WattsApp messages, Viber chat. As well as, various types of documents, SMS messages and many more. It also supports internal and external storage locations.

Mini Tool Android Recovery

This Mini Tool Android Recovery is a free Android data recovery software for a smartphone. The good about this software is that it has all the features of Gihosoft and Dr. fone. For the first time to install this software in your Android phone, it will prompt you to install the Android USB driver. It also supports recovery for both internal and external storage locations.


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